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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Warra Walk

Closest to paradise I could have
so simple
tasting freedom with every sunset

One specific walk
just for this
because a beautiful soul asked

a long way around the bay

along where
only the ocean had left her footprints

listening carefully,
I heard of whales and sharks and turtles
strange plants in sea blue emerald
creatures unseen in deep mysteries,
starfish stories

Wedding Hill
my destination
romance with sand
shimmering white in the distance
like a promise

one yellow
so bright
my eyes shone

tracks of others
come before me

 hope shoots out
from salty seaweed

and tracks form in sand
to guide human fellows

destination gets closer
painting aqua under sunglasses

shadows turn, some twist,
but you
always look ahead

Wedding Hill so close
back the way I've come
soon to be erased

future looming in front
skies all blue
to go up
is the thing to do

virgin territory
dazzzling white
all reduced
to bright

wedding from top
vista clear
sun shimmering
on deep ocean
true blue

it's not only shadows that twist and turn

as life begins again
on the long walk home
sunsetting in
closest to paradise
so simple
over and over again.

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