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Monday, December 15, 2014

Damn, Banned on Godlike Productions - updated 4 Jan. 2015

I must have triggered an auto-ban, by linking in my post, to this site:


If anyone could ask a moderator to unban me, I'd be grateful!



Sunday Dec. 14 2014

Damn, Banned Again on Godlike Productions

This time, is it all Australians that are banned, speaking passionately as we are, about the current hostage situation in Sydney?
Or is it just me?
Please comment if you are in Australia and can access Godlike Productions.

If it is just me, the reason this time seems to be my insistence that gun laws and multi-culturalism are not to be blamed for a group of brain-washed terrorists wanting to murder people simply working and being in a shop.

Laxer gun laws in Australia will NOT prevent terrorism, they will suicide if they have to, the overwhelmingly vast majority of immigrants, of whatever nationality or race, are NOT terrorists.

Let reason prevail over simplistic political beliefs!!

Monday Dec. 15 2014

Update - They've let me back in :)
I hope this isn't becoming a regular routine.
Conspiracy theory is fundamentally about finding the truth, in any given world situation/event, it isn't paranoia, even though many fall into that trap.
In the face of so much manipulation, for the purpose of keeping power in the hands of the weak and the greedy, to  the extreme detriment of the poorest, we need conspiracy theorists, they are the unpluggers of the propaganda.


Thursday Jan. 1 2015

For several days now, I can access Godlike P.. but if I click on anything, the site goes down for me, so I'm not exactly banned, but unable to post or read.
Anyone out there with the same prob?
I hope so, maybe the whole of Oz is in the same boat, I'm going to ask on Facebook.
If not, my target paranoia seems to be getting justified.

First, I was banned a few times but could access again the next day, then this started
happening after I replied to Ghetto Monk's (Trinity's) thread about good and bad, he never answers my questions on the forum, just excludes me from the conversation, if I was guest in his loungeroom, I would have got up and walked out by now.

I'm contemplating this.
Whether it's just time to let go of Godlike Productions, and leave it in the past as an interesting episode.
Last night at my sister's people were talking about The Eagles' 'Hotel California' (the ol' glp anthem) and I felt like part of the gang of GLP, and smiled to myself, so it is not without sadness that I'm pondering this, on this first day of the new year,

The truth is, I have a book to write this year, and my attention will be in high demand, I'm not sure I want to waste it in a place that makes me so unwelcome.


Friday Jan. 2 2015

Coincidentally (?) this morning it is fixed, and I can post again, Ghetto Monk blames it on attackers.

"When the site is under attack some legitimate traffic gets filtered. If you cannot reach the site at all that's probably why.

There has been a concerted effort by a group of individuals to attack almost every known conspiracy forum both large and small as of late....

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has reported these fucks to the authorities..

Unfortunately the authorities are rather slow and mostly (I hate to say it) inept when it comes to dealing with things such as these.

All that can be done is to defend the ship as best as possible while waiting for these shit bags to eventually meet their fate.

Very sorry for the inconvenience guys."

I'll keep posting for now, though I'd be more at ease if Trinity answered me, about the deeper issues of existence and the state of the world.
It's not as if everyone asks him those questions, they mostly stick to either abuse or chumming.
Makes me think his answers would expose him in some way...

My conspiracy hat may slip, but it never falls of entirely ;)


Saturday 3 Jan. 2015

Hmmm, I have a re-freshed suspicion that Ghetto Monk is indeed involved in the freemasons, maybe even a part of that elusive core group known as the illuminati.

Just a few minutes ago, there was a thread by someone asking if anyone was joining the illuminati, with a link to this site:

At first I thought it was some bogus BS, but it looks to be serious, and represents an attempt by the illuminati to white-wash themselves.

By the time I finished composing my reply, the thread had been deleted, it had nearly a page of replies and nothing against GLP policy.

Most of the replies were supportive of the illuminati's new image, but of course mine would not have been.
The fact that the thread was deleted says a lot, and to me it adds an affirmative to an affiliation between Godlike P.. and the freemasons/illuminati.
Ghetto Monk's ideologies are remarkably similar, with hints at extra-terrestrial masters, grand designs for human betterment, manifestation using secret arts of the self, but most damning of all -
the belief that that the end justifies the means.

They have even written a 'New Testament' which I have ordered, and will write  review on, when I've read it.

Meanwhile, I've started a thread on GLP:

How many of you believe the end justifies the means?


Sunday 4 Jan, 2015

Later that day, there was a thread about GLP, the usual gripes and laudits, with Ghetto Monk participating, which isn't unprecedented, but it is rare.
He denied being involved in a governmental group, or anything apart from being an individual having his say, like the rest of us.
If he isn't an actual freemason, his beliefs and philosophies are very close to theirs, so for me the question is still open.
He said all his actions are good, or he wouldn't do them.
That sounds like he is talking about the end result, especially as he insists GLP is pretty much free speech and only abuse and unlawful posts get deleted. He must justify the deletion of the other threads, like the one I mentioned above, about the illuminati website, with the idea that the information in them is not good or doesn't serve his set of values (agendas?) So deleting them is a good act, even if it actually violates his integrity in going against his stated policy.

He refers to paranoia quite a bit, which is a predictable strategy in combating the speculations (like this one, lol) about his motives and the purpose for the site, it is so very easy to be read like a paranoid freak, in conspiracy circles, and easy to be paranoid too, which is one reason I'm documenting my experiences with GLP, so over time, a logical pattern can be seen.

For now, I am willing to believe he isn't an actual member of the freemasons, but it doesn't mean I am not going to question his ideas if they continue to be divulged on the forum.


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