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Monday, June 29, 2015

Fernhook Falls 3 - Day 1

Day One: By some small, minor miracle, it's been a warm, sunny day and my camp is cosy. 
I'll light the fire soon, but first, I went to see the water.

In the case of Fernhook Falls, familiarity does not breed contempt, following the path down to the water I feel like I'm entering a devotionary zone. 

I've brought my warmest pure wool coat, which barely left my back during the whole retreat.


Ahhh, the beauty is producing little bubbles of happiness inside me, too!

First tree hugged :)



The falls are flowing in a rush 
and I've just got back to camp after sitting in green shafted sunlight 
with bubbles all around me and the steady Deep River roar in my ears.

I have the Pope's fresh off the press 'Laudato Si' with me, and I realize this is going to be the perfect place to read it and think about what he says.

room with a view

After some yoga, I'm starting to feel really here.
The forest is hushed with evening bird calls, and soon it will be too cold to sit outside.

The old pot-belly, though cute, smokes.
(No, I'm not talking about myself, lol)


Wow, what it took to get it to this!

I sat staring into the fire as night slowly set in all around me, the quiet was absolute and my aloneness felt like a warm embrace.

I went to bed, to sleep the sleep of the candle serenaded
 and of the smoke-singed eyes :)

XXKK   [Day two soon]

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